Terms and Conditions

Rocky View Solar - Terms and Conditions

Solar Installation Contract

The Client agrees to this Solar Design, the Terms & Conditions below, the total cost of the system including taxes, and the payment schedule as identified in the Timeline. This Solar Design quote is valid for 90 days.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Installations must be completed in accordance with all laws, codes and other requirements applicable under federal, provincial and local authority (e.g. permits, inspections)
  2. Rocky View Solar will require the necessary client information to proceed with mandatory government and permitting applications.
  3. Rocky View Solar and its staff will require access to your property to proceed with initial project assessment, installation, final inspections and at times required maintenance. The client will be contacted prior to Rocky View Solar visits, and will need to arrange property access allowing Rocky View Solar to fulfill its portion of the agreement. Rocky View Solar will require all necessary forms filled and full client cooperation to complete its part of the contract.
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  5. We recommend the client to seek any appropriate consultation related to the installation and operation of your solar array, including tax implications that may be associated with receipt of tax exemptions and rebates.
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  7. Rocky View Solar, its owners, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, employees, contractors and agents:
    • Are not responsible for any tax liabilities that a client may incur,
    • Assume no responsibility for the performance of the equipment or equipment warranty of original equipment manufacturers,
    • Do not endorse, guarantee or warrant any particular brand, manufacturer or third party services.
  8. The Client and Rocky View Solar, including any of their owners, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, employees, contractors and agents, hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold each other harmless from any and all liability, damages, injuries, actions and claims associated with this project. Rocky View Solar is in good standing with the safety authority and holds a minimum of $2,000,000 commercial general liability insurance.
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  10. Please refer to product spec sheets and Original Equipment Manufacturer warranties for warranty details. The manufacturer is responsible for all solar component and power output warranties. Warranties vary by original equipment manufacturers. These are typically, but not exclusively:
    • 25 year limited power output warranty on solar panels
    • 12 year limited warranty on string inverters
    • 25 year limited warranty on micro-inverters
    • 25 year limited warranty on DC optimizers
    • 20 year limited warranty on racking system
  11. Rocky View Solar provides an industry standard 2-year craftmanship warranty on installations. Rocky View Solar is responsible for the repair of defects from the fault of its staff or subcontractors at no cost to the building owner during the 2-year warranty term. Defects in equipment or materials are the responsibility of the original equipment manufacturer and their warranties and are not the responsibility of Rocky View Solar. See Warranty Terms sheet for additional details.
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  13. No amount of energy savings, energy production or income generation are guaranteed as a result of the purchase and installation of eligible equipment.
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  15. The client is responsible for all applications for rebates or tax incentive programs. The client is responsible for ensuring that the guidelines, terms and conditions, requirements, and program processes are adhered to. Rocky View Solar holds no responsibility for false information or claims to rebate or tax incentive programs.
  16. It is the responsibility of Rocky View Solar to ensure that all appropriate permits (e.g. local, provincial, national) have been obtained.
  17. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that Deed Restrictions or Home Owner Association or Strata restrictions do not prohibit Rocky View Solar from the installation of the proposed PV system and Rocky View Solar is not not liable for any work completed in absence of this information. The homeowner will provide a written approval letter or a copy of permissions specific to solar installations by any Home Owner Associations or Strata that they belong to. In the case of a dispute between the Client and any Home Owner Association or Strata, Rocky View Solar will be paid for their work and it is the Client's responsibility to remediate the issue.
  18. Federal, Provincial, Local, Utility program guidelines and rebate levels are subject to change without notice, and may be terminated by executive, legislative or regulatory action at any time. Utility rates are also subject to change. Rocky View Solar is not responsible to provide updates nor liable for the loss of rebates, income, savings or delays resulting from such situations.
  19. Rocky View Solar reserves the right to conduct a site visit/audit to verify that all satellite measurements and electrical components for the final design are correct. Materials offered are subject to change. Quality and efficiency offered will remain equivalent or better. Final pricing is subject to change. Rocky View Solar retains the right to cancel this contract if necessary permitting cannot be obtained or if the owners or staff feel their safety is at risk.
  20. All payments must be made according to the scheduled agreement. Credit card, official cheque or money order are all acceptable methods of payment. BUYER'S RIGHT TO CANCEL: The Client may cancel this contract up to 10 days after they sign and execute this contract. The Client does not need a reason for cancelling. The client may also decide to cancel their installation up to the point of structural engineer recommendations and approvals. If the Client decides to cancel before a materials deposit has been collected, the Client is responsible for paying any services rendered at that point, and Rocky View Solar will reimburse the Client any remaining funds from their initial deposit.

    Rocky View Solar's work is finalized upon completion of the solar installation, approval by electrical inspectors, and providing customer monitoring access when applicable. A final invoice will be sent at this time to the customer. Delays in utility interconnection approvals are not the responsibility of Rocky View Solar.

    Payments outstanding beyond 15 days after their invoiced due dates will incur interest at the rate of 3% per month on the outstanding balance, until the balance is paid in full and final settlement has been reached.

    All solar array equipment and materials are the property of Rocky View Solar until final payment has been received from the Client. Rocky View retains the rights to remove this equipment and materials in the case of a default of greater than 90 days past the final payments due date.
  21. Rocky View Solar does not, will not, and cannot hold responsibilities in relation to any form of damage caused by accumulated snow, ice and/or hail, floods, firestorms, severe wind event and other acts of God on or around the solar array.
  22. Timelines proposed by Rocky View Solar cannot be guaranteed and Rocky View Solar is not responsible for any delays resulting from situations not under its control (rain, snow, application approval delays, supply chains, distributor shipping, etc.).
  23. Rocky View Solar will not disclose your personal information to any third party, or use your e-mail address for unsolicited mail. All e-mail messages sent by Rocky View Solar will pertain solely to the provision of agreed services and products. Any information on pricing and procedures will remain confidential between the client and Rocky View Solar and are not to be shared with other companies.
  24. It is the Client's responsibility to maintain their solar array. Rocky View Solar is not responsible for any maintenance of a Client's solar installation unless an additional agreement has been signed by both parties laying out the terms, conditions and costs.
  25. Warranty or maintenance obligations information may be sold to or transferred to a third party with consent from the Client.
  26. By signing this agreement, and upon doing so, the client agrees to all these above terms and conditions of Rocky View Solar and both parties are executing this offer in good faith.